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Monday, 3 April 2017 | 07:18 | 0 Atasinchi
hello guyssssssssss
guess whatt im back againn yuhu!!
im so so busy last year so i couldnt update much plus my laptop is broken it wont turn on huhu im so sad and even this year im still so busy i dont know why lol but i couldnt make time to update on here (maybe bcs of my lazy ass)
so i took my final exam last was super duper busy year ever like i had extra classes every day (so tired actually) and even on weekends so i barely had a rest gahhhh but it worth the struggle tho.
and now im no longer a high school student and im missing school so much!!! the teachers, friends and everything!!! 
so the result came out on march 16 this year. and the night before i was so nervoussss. i can feel the butterflies inside my stomach aaaaaaaaaaa. i took 11 subjects in my school and my mom expected me to get at least 8As out of 11 and she said if i got 8As she will take me out to eat :'( damn the pressure mommmmmmm :/ so the next day i woke up earlier than i usually did and took a shower and wear my last yr "baju raya" which is baju kurung of course im a kampung girl i dont wear such a stylish and vogue clothes /flips hair???/(do ppl act still use this flips hair thingy??) im so lame im sorry
so i went to school with my dad but u know my dad doesnt like to sit and wait so he went back home after sending me to school(that is bcs i told him that i was gonna meet the teachers and friends gossiping and selfie-ing so ofcourse it takes time lol)
i arrived school at 11 i guess and the result announcemnet was around 11.30. i took a seat with my friend in the hall (my mom wasnt going with me bcs she hv to go to work). one by one straight As students went up to the stage i think abt 15 students (claps for them) so after that i went straight to my homeroom teacher (my fav teacher <3) but i didnt ask for my result yet i let other ppl take it first b4 me bcs i was so nervous eventho i know it would not change my result anyway. so i had conv with the makcik2 while waiting my turn. makcik2 ni kelakar gak. i laughed so hard

so after this one my classmate took her result, i asked my friend to get out result bcs we couldnt wait anymore. so curious what our result would be but at the same time so nervousss (u know 8As)
so we went to our teacher and sat infront of herr and she gave us a piece of white paper that i had been waited since forever (theresult) and my eyes quickly scanning the result and nervously counting the As and THANKS GODD i got 6As. i couldnt stop smiling gila la masatu gembira gila ok.
but after that i suddenly remembered the-8As-curse. i felt like the lightning just struck into my heart, a brick got smacked to my face and a sword stabbed into my stomachhh aaaaaaaaaa kk joke joke that was too much i know

so i got out from the hall and my mom called me and asked how was it. and i was like hmmmmmmm bet i u cannot take me out to eat lah huhu and my mom laughed so hard mmmmmmmmmm so my mom said its okay la. same like trial huhuhuhuhuhu and like usual my whatsapp almost xploded with the same questions from mak sedara ayah sedara sepupu and even kawan yg jrg contact. 

actually im in a major dilemma rn like i dont know
 what courses shld i choose :( i like english so i chose tesl and dipl english but my mom wants me to be a teacher and told me to take IPG but actually i dont want huhu i cannot picture myself being a teacher hahaha funnny aite and i dont like science also im so complicated i know.
so i chose a few uni near my house. the courses not bad la

so as i told u im so busy bcs im working with my sister now. its kinda family bussiness la macamtu. its tiring but not bad bcs im working at home so its comfortable la drps keje kat luar kan.
and with the salary i got every month, now i can buy my own laptop!!!! yayyyy!!! yes the one im using rn. buying something with ur own mney rly exciting right. hehe

so these days im drowning into BANGTAN feels. omg their albums and songs are so great im so happy like u hv gone so far baby from where u begin. im so proud as an army. still rmmbr the day when they handed out free concert tickets on the street just to make it sold out and now look whre they hv been they r already conquering the world esp my heart omg i hv never been so proud i wanna cry. big shout out to my friend 4 showing me their mvs back in 2013 without u i maybe not an army like rn hahaha tq boys for existing <3


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