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Sunday, 21 February 2016 | 03:48 | 0 Atasinchi
hello guys im backk!!!!
(who cares)

we dont talk anymore we dont talk anymore we dont talk anymore like we used to do
we dont love anymore what was all of it for?
we dont talk anymore like we used to dooo.....
(we dont talk anymore- charlie puth ft selena gomez)

oh god this song is so freakin good im crying :''{{

this is so emotional 

hellloooooooo btw im sooo not active im sorry my blog its not like u r not important in my life but im just so busy with school bc u know senior year ughhhhHHH!!! my big exam is on november i bet *crying in the corner* im not ready yet thanks god 1D is taking a break this FREAKIN YEARR. A YEAR GUYSS :----] IM NOT SURE IS THIS A GOOD NEWS OR NOT hushh BUT ITS NOT EVEN OVER 3 MONTHS WE ARE BEING SHOWERED WITH THE DRAMASSSSSS EVERY FREAKIN SINGLE DAY if u are a directioner u will know and I WAS LIKE BITCHESSS IMMA GRAB D POPCORNS AND WATCH DIS DRAMA TILL D END 

GAGAGAGAGA actually tmorow i hv a paper lol and still here chose my blog over the book im so bad dont follow me im so bad bad

okay since u say im lazy okay ill go OKAYYYY ILL GOOO.  3 days to go
huhhh im so exhausted 3 weeks of exams im sloowwlllyyy dyingggg


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