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Tuesday, 21 October 2014 | 01:25 | 0 Atasinchi
hello ladies and gentlements. so how are ya. btw im finee good. so this is my first entry like GOD i made this blog about 3 years ago!! this is crazy lol btw u know i love to write but i dont know how do ya get me so i deleted all of my past childish entries haha and im trying to forget all of my bad memories that could hurt me anytime. its hard to forget the ppl that used to be a part of ur life right thats it im trying to forget them. but their bad words still dancing in my damn mind and i cant vanish it i wish i had a power that could throw away the negative things with a 'puff' vanished but sadly i dont have it ugh i just hate it
i want to tell u about my so-called-best-friend or u supposed to call it fake friend but im so not in mood to talk about them. im sorry and u dont want to know about them too anyway. ITS JUST WASTING MY TIME AND UR TIME. so better not okay. 
okay act my big exam ended a few days ago and guess what THAT WAS THE HARDEST EXAMINATIONS EVER LIKE DAMN SHIT I DONT WANT TO CUSS BUT I HAVE TO BC EVEN U COULDNT HANDLE THAT EXAMS. i cant stay still in my position when i in my exams's room bc the questions were damn hard and i feel like screaming out loud on my teacher's face and tearing the exams papers apart and jump off the building(im scared) like let me tell u the
normal exam: what colour is a banana?
my exam: what colour is a banana? state two reasons why banana is a fruit.
fuckk im not a banana experttttt (but sometimes i do :-})
the questions were meant for the high IQ ppl which is not me for sure but those big headed no i mean big brained err or some geniuses in my school couldnt answer it. even they couldnt answer it then what about me. this is too much rite -_______-
so now my exams is over yayyyy and i thought after exam i can do what i want like absent without a reason, gossiping with my girls non stop at school, act like a gangster who owns that school BUT dangggggg my hopes destroyed in a blink of eyes. U KNOW we have to go to skool like everyday shit bc my teachers said that we still have a lot of works to be done erk i choked luckily i was not eating or drinking at that time god bless me
fuck fuck fuck this is so wrong. we want our freedom after struggled almost 3 years dear teachers huh pls understand my pure intentions.
so btw about kris and luhan leaving exo still lingering in my mind :'''''''''((( its so hard to believe this. i thought exo will always be together till the end but sadly no. im just hoping that kris and luhan will have a good and happy life after this. we will always support everything u do bc we are one!

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